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What is EdPotential?

EdPotential is web-based software that enables schools to inquire into their assessment data, analyse it to identify gaps and strengths, and then act to target solutions that improve student achievement.

The sophisticated analyses are presented as easy-to-understand charts, tables and graphs that provide in-depth evidence about how students are achieving in different subjects, classes and demographic groups – and against national or international norms.

EdPotential not only enables the early identification of students who are struggling, it gives schools confidence that the programmes they offer are providing the right learning opportunities for all their students.

The software aggregates and analyses assessment data in a way that is:

Easy to use and understand

The intuitive user interace makes it easy to retrieve assessment data and present it as visually-informative charts, tables and graphs.


EdPotential has been developed in consultation with Kiwi teachers for New Zealand schools.


EdPotential allows principals, management teams and teachers to work collaboratively to share successful pedagogical approaches that help all students.


Not only is EdPotential compatible with any school management system, it can analyse data from any qualifications assessment system (e.g. NCEA, CIE and IB), any standardised test results (e.g. e-asTTle, PAT and PaCT), and most class- or school-based assessments.

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Why EdPotential?

New Zealand’s education system produces good outcomes for many students; however, a significant number are not reaching their potential. And while most schools have plans in place to address this issue, it has been difficult to measure the success of those initiatives – until now.

EdPotential gives schools the ability to analyse their assessment data and use the findings to measure and track what’s working and what’s not.

Research supports the idea that analysing assessment data – and acting on the findings – is one of the best ways for schools to improve student achievement. But although schools have been collecting data for decades, they typically lack the time or resource to analyse this potentially valuable information in a useful way.

EdPotential is a revolutionary solution that enables schools to quickly and easily analyse their assessment data in an in-depth, insightful way that supports reflection and decision-making, and improves teaching and learning outcomes.

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What's in it for you?

Adopting EdPotential as the basis for your school-wide reflection will support you to:

Improve student progress and achievement.

Identify the issues, and target the right solutions to see academic improvement.

Enhance and improve teaching practices.

Give teachers evidence of how their teaching is influencing their students' learning so they can adjust their teaching practices accordingly.

Improve targeting of professional development resources.

It can be difficult to lift achievement – or allocate resources – if you don’t know what or where the gaps are. Identify where support is needed so you can target your resources more effectively.

Identify student performance problems sooner – not later.

Straightforward analysis of student performance means that learning difficulties can be identified – and therefore acted upon – earlier.

Ensure greater consistency in assessment practices.

Identify effective assessment practices and implement them across the school.

Enable more informed decision-making and planning.

Improve decision-making and planning based on in-depth information about subjects, classes, demographics, teaching and student learning, and comparisons against national and international norms.

Make reporting easier and faster.

Give a quick, clear snapshot of the holistic and operational performance of your school to any of your stakeholders.

Save significant amounts of time and money.

Say goodbye to laborious manual reporting and you'll save money and potentially hundreds of hours of teachers' time that could be spent teaching.

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Who's behind EdPotential?

The idea to create EdPotential originated at Macleans College in Auckland over a decade ago. Following some initial development by teachers and developers and, later, a partnership with Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Education, EdPotential was created.

Today, the EdPotential team consists of a unique blend of individuals with a diverse mix of specialist skills and experience – from education and business through to software development – but with one shared goal: to help all New Zealand schools to improve student achievement.



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